Professional Advice For Choosing A Top Contractor

Choosing a contractor can be challenging, due to the great number of variables you’re dealing with. The most volatile variable is nearly always unpredictability, simply because you don’t have a crystal ball with which to see into the future. What you do have though, is a good head on your shoulders. All that’s needed is a little bit of sound and professional advice.  Whenever I compare contractors I always compare them to one I trust.  When I lived in Chicago I used Innovative Home Concepts for several projects and they did great.  Now when I’m shopping for home improvements I size them up to Innovative.

Ask For Personal Recommendations

It’s very important that the professionals you hire are proven. Ask people you know who may have had personal experience with contractors if they can recommend a specific business to you. Having first-hand knowledge about people’s competence, work habits, prices and general attitude will be of enormous assistance in your search.

Conduct Electronic Interviews

Get to know the different contractors on your list of recommendations personally through email and phone conversations. Ask the vital questions that will reveal who the best person or people for the job are and that will lead to the greatest satisfaction for you. Inquire about their relationship with contractors and financiers. Make sure your particular job is of suitable size for them and that they won’t have too many others underway at the time they will be working on yours.

Have A Meet Up

Narrow your choices down and schedule a meeting in person. Knowing the contractor already fits a certain criteria means you won’t be wasting their time or yours, so be thorough in your initial investigations and qualify anyone with whom you will meet with thereafter. Evaluate personality and character and follow-up with what your instincts tell you by verifying all credentials and checking up on them with the BBB and review sites. Remember that the contractor of your choice will be spending a lot of time with you in the near future and compatibility is a must.

Accept A Few Bids

Provide your prospective professionals with blueprints and details, then ask for a bid. Have them break down the total cost and show you exactly what you’re paying for. Leave no stone unturned in this part of the process, as there’s nothing worse than surprise charges when they’re half way through the job. Figure that almost fifty percent of your entire bill will be based on materials required. Compare that part of the deal with other contractors as well as other crucial components. Negotiations can then get underway

Get Everything In Writing

No matter how good of an impression you have of your hired contractor, get a written contract. Make sure it’s well detailed, including an estimate for how long the job will take. Consider things like insurance and warranties too. Whether the work to be done is small and easy or enormous and involved, protect yourself in every aspect of it and read the fine print.

Hopefully, choosing the best contractor for you will be tough, because you find so many highly qualified candidates. Given the importance of the job at hand though, your best bet is to be a wise and defensive-minded consumer and demand nothing short of the very best.

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