James Hardie Siding: Superb Options For Your Home

James Hardie Siding strives to provide the world’s best and most innovative siding options to help beautify your home. Durability, value and safety are three huge priorities when it comes to their products, and fiber cement siding is their specialty. They understand that you’re not only wanting durable siding but that you’re wanting to also protect the rest of your home as well. There are hurricane resistant options and all kinds of choices for both residential and commercial properties. And, while homes are not fireproof in general, you can count on James Hardie siding withstanding the presence of a fire much better than other choices. As was mentioned, safety is definitely a priority.

James Hardie siding comes with a 30 year warranty, and you should make that comparison with other companies. It is both rot resistant and impenetrable by termites. It is resistant to all weather conditions including hail and heat. You can paint this type of siding easily as well if you decide to change the color of your home.

Remodeling Magazine has stated that this company provides consumers with the best return on their siding investment for their home or business. Also imagine paying less for your homeowners insurance. Not only is this an added savings, but it speaks to the perceived durability of and superiority of the siding that James Hardie offers.

James Hardie siding has earned numerous awards, including Builders Magazine stating that it’s one of the 20 most innovative products of this century. That award is for the fiber cement siding, and they also have received awards for their exterior lap siding product as well. With such an important investment, it’s great to do business with a company that promotes a sustainable environment for their customers, again with both residential and commercial properties in any location.

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