Home Organization Tips To Make The Most Of Your Space

It can be hard to keep your home organized, especially if you have very limited storage space. Most people generally just stop cleaning up after themselves because they don’t know where to put all the things they picked up. However, the key to smart home organization is choosing the right objects for storage and making the most of the space you do have. Try some of the organizational tips below to get started!

Baskets And Storage Benches

One of the best inventions in terms of home decorating are storage benches and ottomans that open up to reveal empty space. Regardless of how much space you have, you need furniture pieces and accessories that serve multiple functions. Choose an ottoman for your favorite chair that has inside storage and try placing a bench in your hallway to hide your shoes.

Large baskets with or without lids are a shabby chic way of keeping your home cozy and clutter free. Baskets can help you organize your magazines, remote controls, extra blankets, toys and pillows. If you don’t want others to see your clutter, just buy baskets with lids on top.

Closet Space And Organizers

Most homes don’t have walk-in closets and it can be really hard to make the most of your closet space, but all you really need is the right closet organizer. Before opting to purchase a closet organizer, take a look at all of the things you want to store. How much of it do you want to hang? What are the items you need to fold?

If you don’t have a lot of items that need to be hung, you can opt for an organizer with one rod and lots of shelves. If there is enough space in your closet, add a shoe rack or plastic storage boxes for the rest of your things.

Tall Shelves Are The Key

You don’t have to have a lot of books, but if you have many things you want to display, tall bookshelves are the way to go. They can serve as a great way to separate spaces in your living room, and they can save space as you can display much more than your average trinkets.

Photo Boxes And Jars

Photo boxes are very affordable and have almost any pattern and design imaginable. They are a great way to hide your photos, extra trinkets, or clear up the clutter in your office. They also allow you to place your labels on the end to avoid guessing the contents.

Clear glass jars provide extra storage in your bathroom and kitchen. You can store food in the jars or bathroom accessories such as q-tips, travel lotions, cotton balls, band aids and makeup brushes.

The most important thing to consider when keeping your home organized is functional storage. Only purchase furniture and accessories that make sense and don’t add to the clutter.

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