Discover The Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

Although we all tend to look after our homes as best we can, we do not notice everything that may be wrong with it. If we get a leak in a water pipe, we soon notice and get it repaired so that it does not cause a lot of damage. When something goes wrong with the electrics we call in an electrician to take care of it. We also know when it is time to replace things such as windows, but how many people actually look up and inspect their roof? Hardly any according to statistics, and yet the roof is a very important part of your home, so it is worth checking it every now and again for damage. The following checklist should be carried out every few months.

Chimney – Check the flashing around the chimney, as it can often fail in this area. If it is flashed with older material such as cement or tar, then it may be best being proactive, and replace it with metal flashing.

Age – A roof is really supposed to last for 20 to 25 years, although it is recommended that it is either renewed at 20 years, or given full maintenance by a roofer. Modern installed roofs also have much better ventilation that those built decades ago.

Valleys – One of the most problematic areas of any roof can be the valleys, especially when it snows, and if it fails during a snowfall, you can have a lot of water entering the house. The areas both inside and out of the valleys should be checked on a regular basis.

Shingles – Make sure that all shingles are where they should be.

Gutters – The best way to look for shingle failure is to check for granules in the gutters. The more there are, the more likely the roof is starting to fail.

Tiles – Count the number of slipped and cracked tiles and make a note of the numbers, and where they are located. If you notice an upward trend in the numbers and locations then you have a problem over time.

Attic – Go into the attic and make sure that you are in total darkness. Check all over for any light coming in. When it is raining, check to see if there are any moist areas on the interior of the roof.

Although having a roof replaced is an expensive process, it is essential to maintain the house. If it fails and damages the interior of the house, it can end up costing a lot more than a replacement.

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