Common Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

While the roof is one of the most important parts of a home, it can also be one of the most neglected. Many homeowners do not pay enough attention to their roofs, and it is only when problems come up that they start to notice them. Unfortunately, this neglect can lead to the need for costly repairs or replacements.

By inspecting your roof on a regular basis, you can spot any problems before they become too serious and have them repaired. Roofs do not last forever, of course, and even the best-constructed roofs will need replacement eventually. Keep an eye out for these signs that it is time for a new roof.

The age of your roof can be an important factor in your decision. On average, a good roof should last for 20 to 25 years. If your roof is approaching this age, it may be time to start looking into replacing it. If your current roof was installed over the old roof, it may need to be replaced sooner.

If the shingles on your roof are starting to curl or buckle, this can indicate a need for a new roof. Inspect the areas of your roof that are exposed to direct sunlight. Are the shingles curling or buckling? It may be time to call the roofer.

The valleys of a roof provide a conduit for water to flow into your gutters. If these parts of your roof begin to weaken, this can cause all sorts of trouble, including leaks and water damage. Take a good look at the valleys and inspect the state of the shingles. If the roof is looking worn, or if shingles are missing, you may need to replace your roof.

Look for signs of moisture damage, such as mildew or mold. This can mean that water is beginning to make its way through your roof into your home. Are there cracks or stains on your ceiling? Your roof may no longer be watertight, and it will need to be replaced.

Go into your attic and see if daylight is making its way through the roof. If so, this is a definite indication that something is wrong. A roof that lets light in is not doing its job.

No roof lasts forever, so keep an eye out for these signs that it is time to start looking for a new roof.

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